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SEG Esports brings together decades of experience in the 'traditional' sports business with in-depth knowledge of the thriving gaming industry. This allows us to support our esports talents with the highest quality services. Our talents compete in League of Legends, Valorant or Counter-Strike 2, or create engaging content for a young audience.

Since 2018, SEG Esports does what it takes for players and coaches to get the maximum result out of their competitive gaming and/or content creation career. Including: career planning, contract negotiations, compliance, personal branding, physical & mental health and day-to-day guidance. 

SEG Esports has its own Esports Training Center in Amsterdam, which is available for bootcamps to all top tier professional esports teams. The training center is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and offers lots of amenities in cooperation with the H20 Esports Campus in which it is located. It is the ideal base camp to prepare for any European tournament. 

In my years working with SEG, I feel grateful to have a team full of dedicated specialists that are always ready to help, and make the most out of available opportunities.

Peter Dun

— Evil Geniuses

I feel supported by professional people who understand my needs and help me succeed. My dream transfer to Fnatic was no coincidence, just six months after joining SEG.


— Fnatic